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♥ ✫ My prince charming ✫ ♥

© RedWulfi

Heart Lock by angelishi:iconghostrickethix::iconxxburning-passionxx:Heart Lock by angelishi
Heart with Wings by yaileWhen we first met: July 11th 2013~Heart with Wings by yaile
Heart with Wings by yaileWhen we started dating: 26th May 2014~Heart with Wings by yaile

Charles, since we first saw eachother, it instantly grew a strong feeling in my heart, but i was never sure if it was love or not..
You were one of the people that was always by my side, that talked to me praticarly everyday, and that was always worried about me..
When you asked me out, it was like a dream come true..
I was never expecting that you would do so, since i think that you deserve way better than me.. but i am very happy that you choosed me to be your loved one, to be the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with, and even afterlife <3
I love you so much Charles
Even the cute things i tell you aren't never going to be enough to show my love for you..
I am trying my hardest for us to meet, cause that is one of the things that i mostly wish to happen right now..
Charles Akiba Kei Reid... i love you with all my heart and soul, and i want to be your loved one forever <33 Small Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

Fill my heart [anim.] by socksyy We have been dating for 0 years,3 months Fill my heart [anim.] by socksyy

STAMP... my boyfriend is... by Suzumes-StarMy Heart Beats for You by delusional-dreamsInside My Heart Stamp by mylastelForever by 1FoxyladyHundred Hearts Stamp by Mirz123Stamp: Height Love by RottedStamps

♥ ✫ BFF's box ✫ ♥

© SamsSkittles

Pink Potion by Steampixel:iconsamsskittles:Pink Potion by Steampixel

Pixel: Heart Jump by apparate When we first met: November 2013~ Pixel: Heart Jump by apparate
Pixel: Heart Jump by apparate When we became besties: June 26th 2014~ Pixel: Heart Jump by apparate

Sam, what can i say ; v ;
When we met, we instantly became friends, and i was like.. 'Wow omfg' xD
Then, this 'little experience' that has happened between us made us become closer to eachother, making our friendship become stronger and stronger and.. Now we are BFF's :D //dances
You are like a sister to me, and that won't ever change Q//u//Q
You are very nice and sweet, sometimes a little over reacting or a little mean, but that won't change the fact that i will always cheerish you with all my heart and soul :D
And yus, you are my bride's maid and you shall take care of mine and charles' children when we grow up ://U
You shall be like an aunt for them~ Q//u//Q
I wuv you Sam, and never think the contrary woman! ://U
I will write more stuff when something comes to my heaaaad Small Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

♥ ✫ My amazing bro ✫ ♥

© Kawaii-Cappuccino

Free - Star Balloon by cerebralsewer:iconkawaii-cappuccino:Free - Star Balloon by cerebralsewer

Bro, when we first met i was truly shy, because i never talked to you before..
But when you first talked to me, you seemed so nice and funny, that we suddendly became very close and then we started to call eachother brother and sis > v <
We always had our ups and downs because of the girl you know, but since our friendship is truly strong, we both passed it together and now we are truly happy > v <
I was very scared to loose you s my brother, but i am very glad that we are still bro and sis, and i hope we can keep calling that to ourselves until we die~ ; v ;
You are the bro i always wished to have In Real life, and i can't wait for us to meet someday!
I love you my bwo > v <
//going to write more stuff when something comes outta my mind ; v ;

Stamp - Best brother by ProfelisAurataI love my brother stamp by MorbiaI Love My Brother by SquallxZell-LeonhartLittle Sister Stamp by JetProwerTheFox

♥ ✫ Pewds ✫ ♥

♥ ✫ Boyfriend, Bestie and Bro write here ✫ &


18.2 by exampleaccount01 Sam the bestie 18.2 by exampleaccount01

So no matter what don't turn into a Cabbage Patch Kid okay? - August 10th

This gurl, this gurl right here, Maria, is the shit. She's my bestest friend and I am hers. She's the light of my life as I am hers, and we are forever together. #imthebridesmaid I love you Mawiah-san. ;//U//; Treat Mawiah badly and you will not live to see what I will do to you. If your intimidated, GOOD. If not, oohh you will be. I'm so honored and so happy that you trust me to do your page and you want me to be your bridesmaid and best friend. I love you sooo much Mawiah-san. ;//U//; I'M HERE FOR YOU. <33 I don't want you to miss me if I ever leave. I want you to remember I'll always be your best friend and I'll always be in your heart. QuQ I'm here for you until I no longer can be. I love you. REMEMBER OUR SONG: Don't ever forget it.


August 10th 10:08 pm.

Yes I'm still on. Got a prob girl? Dun care. LOL Anyway I wanna let you know I'm lonely here without you and that I love you like a whole entire lot like more than you could ever know. I love you a LOT LOT LOT so come back soon. <33 Bby draw me liek one of ur french girls. lol Have a fun time while your there though! <333 Xoxo And tbh you gotta add more to my box like yours is full to the brim with my love for you girl. XD

Maria Ana Duzarte your amazing and I LOVE YOU gurl. <333 :iconbigheartplz:

18.1 by exampleaccount01 Charles the boyfriend 18.1 by exampleaccount01

Hey there Kittie, it ish your Wolfie/Pichu |///D sorry that I haven't commented on this sooner but I don't want to come here just to say I love you.... I wanted you to know you are and forever will be my guardian angel. I have never loved someone so much as much as I love you... all of the arguments, fights, etc. that I feel only make our love for each other just makes us stronger. I love you so much as I feel that our hearts just melt together and become one... I love you so much Maria Ana Duzarte~ :iconbigheartplz:

p.s. I love your adorable Russian voice e//u//e

18 by exampleaccount01 Ian the awesome bro 18 by exampleaccount01

Herru kawaii widdle sis~ forgot to say something here xD Ill just have to say that your the bestest sister i've ever had here in dA and ofc we're both a little anti-social.... = u =; but hey, at least we can talk to people xD anyway, just wondering by in your account and wondering when you'll be on lol we all do xD anyway, i wubywubsh chu widdle sis . u .

P.S. Light your heart up~… ^^




Charles' Kittie

© ME

Name: Maria Ana Duzarte
Age: 14
Birthday: September 22nd
Height: 5"5
Weight: ??
Relationship status: Hapilly taken ♥
Personality: Sweet, shy, anti-social (IRL) and goofy sometimes
How i look like: Go take a look at my gallery
Where i live: Setúbal, Portugal
Where i want to live in the future: New York or Hawaii
Where i want to work in the future: Apple, Windows or Android
Taste in music: Eletronica, Dubstep, Heavy Metal
I Can Speak: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese (a little)

Some reminders when it comes to payments:

:iconyurikoname: ??? :points: for 2 linearts of Marilyn x Genja and Maria x Ethix 0/2 paid

Some reminders for whom i want to buy art right now:

:iconbiackened: 1500 :points: One Chibi of Maria and One Couple Chibi of Maria x Genja //asking by parts// 1/2 bought
:iconmaidenofthebells: 1200 :points: Couple Picture of Maria x Genja
:iconr-no71: 5600 :points: One avatar with simple blinking of Maria x Genja and 2 IDs, 1 Of Maria and 1 Of Genja //asking by parts// 0/3 bought
:iconowlbits: 600 :points: Pant icon and lineless chibi //asking by parts// 0/2 bought

My theme song

My Trainer Card
Maria's Trainer Card

♥ ✫ Find me elsewhere if you want ✫ ♥

© R-no71

Deviantart: You are here~
Furaffinity: xXBurningPassionXx
Facebook: Maria Duzarte
Skype: ooqueenofheartsoo
Gaia Online: xKittieLovesStrawberries

Other accounts on dA

:iconmariathekittiecomms: comission account
:iconkittiesketchies: sketch/wip account
:iconxxcherrie-cakesxx: second account

Friend Codes

Nintendo 3DS: 2406-6514-4305

Other ones that aren't listed means that is innactive or that isn't me

♥ ✫ Art Status and Info ✫ ♥

© Chiikalicious

Black Lace Requests - FRIENDS ONLY by iDaphodilBlack Lace Commissions - ASK ME by iDaphodilBlack Lace Art Trades - OPEN by iDaphodil

Please read the following

I have been kinda slow with my art since i lost a little of my motivation to draw, so please do not rush me
For Point Comissions, only do 5 slots, the same for art trades, and when all of these are filled, both Art Trades and Point Comissions will be closed, and once i finish half of what i have to do, i will open them.
For now, i will keep art trades opened, but when i feel like to, i will close them.
PLEASE, do not ask how the drawing is going, plus your comment will be hidden, OR, if you are rushing me for the work, i will not finish it, and if it's a point comission, i will only give the refunding depending on what i did, for example, if you comissioned a full body full colored pocture without bg and i started to color, you will only receive half of what you paid
Please read and have these advicings in mind before asking me for Art Trades/Point Comissions!
And about request, it says all above
I only do them for friends, so only friends can ask!
Thank you~

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy

♥ ✫ To Do ✫ ♥

© cuteygirl226

To Do List

Point Comissions

1. :iconsand-the-hedgehog-64: One couple chibi, One shaded bustshot -Paid-
2. :iconblazedeadfan: one full body full colored without bg -Not Paid yet-
3. :iconrushforza: one half body flat colored with simple bg of 2 characters
4. -empty-
5. -empty-

Art Trades

1. :iconblazedeadfan: One Chibi of one of her characters
2. :iconemmawolfy: Couple Chibi of Emma and Johnny (?
3. :iconstc3000: Half body with circle bg of one of her charas, Waiting for her part first
4. :iconrisky-su: Waiting for her part first
5. :iconsoniclover63: waiting for her part first


:icondeviantshredder: One picture ofmine and his fursona on a party




:iconghostrickethix: all of his charas in different pics
:iconinvisibleelvis: his character jack, a thank you gift

♥ ✫ My Couples with other people! ✫ ♥

© Teh2chao2

:heart: Flirting :heart:
:heart::heart: In a relationship :heart::heart:
:star::heart: Engaged :heart::star:
:star::heart::heart: Married :heart::heart::star:

:heart::heart: Maria x Genja :heart::heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and GhostrickEthix))

:star::heart::heart: Ingrid x Cervantes :heart::heart::star:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and GhostrickEthix))

:heart: Marylin x Ethix :heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and GhostrickEthix))

:heart::heart: Maria x Aeron :heart::heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and twilightgod14))

:heart::heart: Krystal x Green :heart::heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and Kawaii-Cappuccino))

:heart: Caroline x Ethikussu :heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and GhostrickEthix))

:heart::heart: Hana x Django :heart::heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and HeliosEclipse))

:heart: Michelle x Ren :heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and Shinaeda))

:heart::heart: Misty x Flint :heart::heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and GhostrickEthix))

:heart: Revenge x Pedro :heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and MikeTheLynx3000))

:heart: Allyson x Soundwave :heart:
((xXBurning-PassionXx and DerianaTheHedgehog))


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